Lightning Protection, Air Termination System as per IS/IEC-62305 (ABB-Furse)

ABB Furse air termination systems include air rods and strike plates to capture lightning strikes, through comprehensive range of down conductors and lightning protection components which channel lightning energy safely to a Furse earth termination network.

Furse air termination products are specifically designed and tested as per IEC/BS EN 50164 & 62561 standards to provide highly effective protection against the risk and consequences from a direct lightning strike. Selection of the correct conductor type for the installation is highly important, and is likely to be the initial consideration of a lightning protection system. Use the guidelines of IEC/BS EN 62305-1 & -3 for the correct placement of conductors.

Lightning Air termination system

Lightning protection conductors

Conductor clips, clamps & holdfasts

Bimetallic connections components