Designing of Earthing & Grounding System with CDEGS Software

Comprehensive Earthing Grid Designing with CDEGS Design Software

An effective earthing system is critical to the safety of every electrical installation. The introduction of new international standards together with increased awareness within the electricity industry require developers and operators of these installations to carry out more thorough assessments and design studies to demonstrate safety compliance. This is increasingly challenging against a backdrop of higher fault levels, smaller-area substations, and the more prevalent use of sensitive electronic equipment, both at the substation and by external third parties, where the impact of transferred earth potentials may need to be mitigated.

Why do we need designing software for earthing?

The design of grounding systems is often based on thumb rules, excel based calculations, rough guidelines derived from engineering experience, which can vary greatly from person to person. It is frequently a trial-and-error procedure and can be quite time-consuming; also, there are no concrete results, which can be analyzed.

It is nearly impossible to keep check and balances in designing an earthing system due to the complexities of calculation. This makes software more essential.

Our international standard design capability is supported by advanced modelling software from SES Technologies, Canada and on-site measurement teams who provide a range of services, from routine maintenance surveys to advanced measurements using high-end instrumentation.

The engineers at DEW can help you plan and execute an electrical grounding design that will provide the best performance ground system available, within the constraints of your available area, budget, and equipment being protected. We use below mentioned specialized designing software to build an electrical grounding system that will meet your performance objectives.