Earthing Audit

Electricity Supply Regulations specify that electricity network assets should be bonded to earth, to ensure that any fault can return to its source in a controlled manner. This allows protective equipment to operate efficiently, avoiding damage to plant and equipment, and the risk of electric shock to personnel.

Earthing Audits are done to study new or existing earthing system to check the healthiness of the system and suggest ways to improve it or to design a new system according to the requirements as per IEEE 80, IEC 429, IS 3043 standards and can give customized solutions for the same. Detailed analysis of incoming power and grounding integrity identifies distinctive problem locations and provides recommendations to enhance overall system performance

We have expertise, state of the art testing equipments, and computer software like CDEGS for earthing designing and ETAP for fault current calculations to carry out the audit.

Checking the integrity of existing earthing system.

Testing & Measurement of existing earthing system.

  • Impedance & condition of earthing pits & earthing conductors
  • Voltage between neutral and earth
  • Interconnection of neutral and earth conductors
  • Fault current and current density calculations

Analysing existing earthing system and suggest remedial actions required as per IEE-80, IS-3043 for.

Power earthing

Protection earthing

Electronic machine / Signal earthing

Lightning protection earthing

Bespoke design service for earthing system upgrades with international CDEGS earthing designing software.

Ensure that protection systems will operate safely in the event of a fault.