Earthing Conductors (ABB-Furse)

An effective earthing system is a fundamental requirement of any modern structure or system for operational and /or safety reasons. ABB-Furse offer following type of conductors:

Conductors and earth electrodes

The first choice faced by the customer is the type of conductor to be used. The correct choice of conductor is extremely important, whether it be a simple below ground electrode or a complex computer room signal reference grid.


Earth Rods

Earth Plates


Connectors and terminations

An effective earthing system relies on joints and connections to have good electrical conductivity with high mechanical strength. Poorly chosen or badly installed joints and connectors can compromise the safe operation of an earthing system. ABB-Fuse offer a range of connectors and termination methods to suit a wide range of applications.

FurseWELD exothermic welding

Compression connectors

Mechanical clamps

Earth inspection pits

Earth bars