FurseCEM® Dry Maintenance Free Earthing (ABB-Furse)

Certain ground conditions make it difficult to obtain a reliable earth resistance, whilst particular installations may require a very low resistance. In such cases, FurseCEM® provides a convenient and permanent solution. By adding FurseCEM® in place of sand and aggregate, to cement, a conductive concrete is formed.

FurseCEM® conductive concrete may be used to reduce the contact resistance and increase the effective size of earth electrodes, e.g. as a backfill for earth rods installed in drilled holes or as a layer encapsulating horizontal earth conductors buried in a trench. The backfill will help reduce an earth electrodes' resistance to earth by making intimate contact with the electrode and the surrounding soil, this has the added advantage of helping to protect the electrode from corrosion.


Maintenance free: Does not require any water or electrolytic recharging to maintain its value

Permanent: No seasonal variations and earth resistance values are consistent throughout its life

Environment friendly: Does not leach out in earth polluting it

Protects conductor: Being inert, conductive concrete encapsulated conductor slows down its Corrosion

Reduces vandalism & theft: Since conductors are hard to remove from concrete