OPR-ESE type Lightning Arresters as per NFC-17 102 (ABB-Furse)

ABB continues to innovate, and has developed a new generation of lightning devices. The new OPR range with increased initiation advance performances, represents further progress in terms of protection, operating autonomy, and ease of maintenance. These advancements reinforce ABB’s position as international leader in direct lightning protection with over 200,000 installations throughout the world.

ABB-OPR: The early streamer emission (ESE) concept

During a storm, when propagation field conditions are favorable, an OPR ESE air terminal will generate an upward leader. This upward leader from the OPR tip propagates towards the downward leader from the cloud at an average speed of 1 m/µs.

The beneficial triggering time is determined as the average time gained at the moment of spark over, with efficiency confirmed by high-voltage laboratory testing. All ESE tests are defined in Annex C of the French standard NF C 17-102 (2011 Version).

Early streamer emission air terminal

Complete autonomy

High efficiency (radius of protection Rp)

Comply with NF C17-102 September 2011


Lightning is one of the most spectacular meteorological phenomena. Generated by the interaction of clouds elements (water and ice), it can kill, injure, and damage. Building and equipment installed in exposed areas should be protected by an external air terminal.

RodCheck system: visual strike indicator

The aim of the RodCheck system is to give visual information on the intensity of the lightning