Surge Protection devices (SPD) (ABB-Furse)

IS/IEC 62305-1 recognizes that failure of internal systems due to Lightning Electromagnetic Impulse (LEMP) is possible from all points of strike to the structure or service – direct or indirect.

To ensure continuous operation of critical systems even in the event of a direct strike, SPDs are essential and are suitably deployed, based on the source of surge and its intensity using the Lightning Protection Zones concept within IS/IEC 62305-4.

ABB Furse extensive range of equipotential bonding and transient overvoltage Surge Protection Devices (SPDs) providing fully coordinated protection against transient overvoltage. SPDs are able to cover all incoming power, data, signal and telecom lines.

Lightning equipotential bonding SPDs

Mains power transient overvoltage SPDs

Data, signal & telecommunication lines SPDs

DC power & Photovoltaic SPDs