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ACB OCB VCB servicing & testing

ACB/OCB/VCB servicing

Electrical circuit breaker is a switching device which can be operated manually as well as automatically for controlling and protection of electrical power system respectively. As the modern power system deals with huge currents,

The modern power system deals with huge power network and huge numbers of associated electrical equipment. During short circuit fault or any other types of electrical fault these equipment as well as the power network suffer a high stress of fault current in them which may damage the equipment and networks permanently. For saving these equipment and the power networks the fault current should be cleared from the system as quickly as possible. Again after the fault is cleared, the system must come to its normal working condition as soon as possible for supplying reliable quality power to the receiving ends. In addition to that for proper controlling of power system, different switching operations are required to be performed.

Circuit breaking being such an important part of the system requires to be serviced regularly as a part of preventive maintenance

Contact resistance measurement

Contact resistance is the resistance to current flow, due to surface conditions and other causes, when contacts are touching one another (in the closed condition of the device)

Measurement of the contact resistance helps in identification of fretting corrosion of contacts, and allows contact corrosion to be diagnosed and prevented. Increase in contact resistance can cause a high-voltage drop in the system, which needs to be controlled.

Hipot testing for insulation

Hipot Test is short name of high potential (high voltage) Test and it is also known as Dielectric Withstand Test. A hipot test checks for “good isolation.”

Hipot test makes surety of no current will flow from one point to another point.

There may be abnormal over voltage condition in the auxiliary and control supply circuits, too. Hence, the auxiliary and control circuits of breakers should also be gone through short duration power frequency voltage withstand test. Here test voltage is applied. The insulation of auxiliary and control circuit should pass this test, and there should not be any destructive discharge during the test

Timing Test of Breakers

It is an important test to check whether the circuit breaker will trip in time is case of a fault. Following test are done

Short circuit timing test

Overload timing test

Short circuit timing test

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