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Certification of electrical installations

Government of Haryana has introduced self certification of electrical installations by owners upto 33KV voltage level vide Power department notification No. 6/2/2016-2P dated 16.02.2016.


Owners can get their installation inspected and tested by Chartered Electrical Safety Engineers authorized by Govt. of Haryana and self certify their installation before commencement of supply or for periodical inspection under regulation 30 of Central Electricity Authority.


We at Deepak Engineering Works along with our wide range of maintenance & Testing Services are also an authorized Chartered Electrical Safety Engineer by Government of Haryana vide authorization letter no.1322-1530 dated 18.03.2016 for Self-Certification. Mr. Bhanu Bansal is authorized to inspect and verify installations up to 11Kv under norms set by the government.

Major Points according to FORM III of Self Certification Schemes

  1. Register of designated person should be properly made & kept.
  2. Transformer Oil testing
  3. LA near Transformer
  4. Earth Resistance Testing
  5. Predictive maintenance of voltage installation above 650V
  6. Residual life assessment and life extension of equipment above 650V and more than 15 years old.
  7. Type and routine test for equipment’s
  8. Clear Distinction between neutral and live conductors
  9. Insulating floor mats confirming to IS-15652:2006
  10. Generating stations and enclosed substation fire buckets with clean dry sand along with fire extinguishers should be provided
  11. First Aid Boxes or cupboards should be provided.
  12. Danger Plates and shock charts should be installed near electrical installations in hindi, English and local language (Any 2 Languages)
  13. Insulation Resistance between conductors and earth should be recorded
  14. Use of more than 2000 liters of oil in one chamber should be provided with suitable oil soak pits.
  15. Use of more than 9000 liters of oil in one tank should have provision of draining away or removal of oil.
  16. The frames  of  every  generator,  stationary  motor, and  so  far  as  practicable  portable  motor  and  metallic parts not intended as conductors of all transformers and any  other  apparatus  used  for  regulating  or  controlling electricity  and  all  electricity  consuming  apparatus  at voltage  exceeding  650V  but  not  exceeding  33kv should be earthed  by  two  separate  and  distinct  connections with earth.
  17. Outdoor (except pole type) sub-station should be efficiently protected by fencing not less than 1.8 meters in height?
  18. Space of at least 100cm in front of main switchboard and at least 20cm behind the main switchboard.
  19. Serial numbers and KW rating of all the motors should be provided.