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Oil Dehydration & Filtration System

On-Site Transformer Oil Dehydration, Filtration, Acidity Removal and IR value Improvement


The principal function of Transformer oil is to provide Electrical Insulation and to cool transformer. Transformers require insulating oil of a superior quality in respect to freedom from contamination in order to insure high dielectric strength and a long time service under extreme stresses.

There are many types of contamination, such as water, solid particles of dust, metals, colloidal carbon, products of corrosion, acids, resins, gums, tar, sludge, organic contaminants and solvent, air and gas which adversely affect the insulating properties of oil.

Contaminants and products of oil deterioration reduce dielectric strength, resistivity and loss factor of oil by forming a path of low resistance for electric discharge through the oil. Protection of electrical apparatus by continuous or frequent purification of insulating oils will eliminate costly breakdowns and assure a safe and dependable operation.


Double Stage Ultra High Vacuum Transformer Oil Purification System


For achieving the desired results, the Oil Filtration Plant is designed for Ultra High Vacuum and Low temperature of oil as high temperature can result in thermo-oxidative degradation of oil. The machine is equipped with a 2-stage vacuum pump (High Vacuum Pump and Booster Pump) operating down to 0.5 Torr vacuum. For effectively removing of dissolved gases and moisture content from the oil under High vacuum.


The Ultra High Vacuum Double Stage type oil treatment plant is ideal for treating new/used Insulating oil of high voltage and super high voltage transformers.

Transformer Insulation Resistance (IR) Value Improvement (Evacuation System):

In addition the plant has inbuilt transformer evacuation system, it can pull high vacuum on empty transformers to remove moisture from the paper windings.