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Onsite testing of moisture in oil

On Site Hand Held Moisture Meter for Checking Water Level In Terms Of PPM (Parts Per Million) For Better Predictive Maintenance of Transformer


Moisture in Oil analysis or better known as Water Content in oil is one of the most critical and important parameter for Transformer.


It is one of the major factor which determines the life of transformer and excessive moisture content can accelerated the aging of transformer.


In the extreme case, transformers can fail because of excessive water in the insulation. The dielectric breakdown voltage of the oil is also affected by the relative saturation (RS) of water in oil. The maximum loading that is possible while retaining reliable operation (i.e., preventing the formation of water vapor bubbles) is a function of the insulation water content.


Traditional method is very vulnerable & susceptible to contamination of oil sample which is taken to lab due to transportation involved and high risk of getting in contact with air which might alter the result drastically also the scope of improvement is very less in this case


While in the case of on the spot checking of Water level in oil using Hand Held Moisture meter we can act on it on real time basis and take corrective step to minimize the moisture using Dehydration Machine.


Apart from PPM calculation of water content it also tells about WATER ACTIVITY (aw) is a measurement which indicates moisture (water) content in a fluid based on a scale from 0…1


“aw” is a parameter that will always indicate how close a fluid is to reaching its saturation point which is the maximum water holding capacity.