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Earthing & Lightning Protection

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  • Desiging Earthing & Lightning Protection
  • Designing of Lightning Protection as per IS/IEC 62305

    A proper lightning protection system design is very important to ensure increased protection of a building against Lightning and its effects. Systems followed in most of the buildings now are unfortunately not meeting the basic or statutory requirements.

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  • Designing of Earthing System with CDEGS Software

    The CDEGS software package (Current Distribution, Electromagnetic Fields, Grounding and Soil Structure Analysis) is a powerful set of integrated engineering software tools designed to accurately analyze problems involving grounding/earthing, electromagnetic fields

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  • Earthing Audit

    Effective earthing is a necessity for all electrical and electronic systems. It provides low resistance path for fault current, shield from external surges, maintains equipotential protection system, provides a path for dissipating energy from external source and act as a reference for protection system.

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